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1 Macroscopic simulation of atom-sized structures of functional materials: phenomenology of the elongated electrode system Pospelov, A.P.; Kamarchuk, G.V.; Savytskyi, A.V.; Sakhnenko, M.D.; Ved, M.V.; Vakula, V.L. FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS 2017 0
2 Point-Contact Sensors and Their Medical Applications for Breath Analysis: A Review Kamarchuk, Gennadii V.; Pospelov, Alexander P.; Kamarchuk, Lyudmila V.; Kushch, Ievgeniia G. NANOBIOPHYSICS: FUNDAMENTALS AND APPLICATIONS 2016 0
3 On the importance of developing a new generation of breath tests for Helicobacter pylori detection Kushch, Ievgeniia; Korenev, Nikolai; Kamarchuk, Lyudmila; Pospelov, Alexander; Kravchenko, Andrey; Bajenov, Leonid; Kabulov, Mels; Amann, Anton; Kamarchuk, Gennadii JOURNAL OF BREATH RESEARCH 2015 4
4 A New Method for Controlling the Quantized Growth of Dendritic Nanoscale Point Contacts via Switchover and Shell Effects Pospelov, A.P.; Pilipenko, A.I.; Kamarchuk, G.V.; Fisun, V.V.; Yanson, I.K.; Faulques, E. JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C 2015 2
5 New possibilities in diagnosing helicobacter pylori infection by the non-urease products of its activity Kushch, I.; Korenev, N.; Kamarchuk, L.; Pospelov, A.; Alexandrov, Yu; Kamarchuk, G. 8TH WORLD CONGRESS OF THE WORLD SOCIETY FOR PEDIATRIC INFECTIOUS DISEASES (WSPID) 2014 2
6 Sensors for Exhaled Gas Analysis: An Analytical Review Kamarchuk, Gennadii; Pospelov, Alexander; Kushch, Ievgeniia VOLATILE BIOMARKERS: NON-INVASIVE DIAGNOSIS IN PHYSIOLOGY AND MEDICINE 2013 4
7 Evidence for sensory effects of a 1D organic conductor under gas exposure Pyshkin, O.; Kamarchuk, G.; Yeremenko, A.; Kravchenko, A.; Pospelov, A.; Alexandrov, Yu; Faulques, E. JOURNAL OF BREATH RESEARCH 2011 4
8 Sensors for Breath Analysis: An Advanced Approach to Express Diagnostics and Monitoring of Human Diseases Kushch, I.G.; Korenev, N.M.; Kamarchuk, L.V.; Pospelov, A.P.; Alexandrov, Y.L.; Kamarchuk, G.V. BIODEFENCE: ADVANCED MATERIALS AND METHODS FOR HEALTH PROTECTION 2011 4
9 Non-urease recognition of Helicobacter pylori infection using novel sensor technique for breath gas analysis Kushch, Ievgeniia; Korenev, Nikolaj; Kamarchuk, Ljudmila; Pospelov, Alexander; Alexandrov, Jurij; Kamarchuk, Gennadij SCANDINAVIAN JOURNAL OF GASTROENTEROLOGY 2009 0
10 New chemical sensors based on point heterocontact between single wall carbon nanotubes and gold wires Kamarchuk, Gennadiy V.; Kolobov, Igor G.; Khotkevich, Andrei V.; Yanson, Igor K.; Pospelov, Alexander P.; Levitsky, Igor A.; Euler, William B. SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL 2008 20
11 Point-contact sensors: New prospects for a nanoscale-sensitive technique Kamarchuk, G.V.; Pospelov, A.P.; Yeremenko, A.V.; Faulques, E.C.; Yanson, I.K. EUROPHYSICS LETTERS 2006 16

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