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76 Ignition Temperature of Coal. 5. Practical Applications Miroshnichenko, D.V., Shulga, I.V., Kaftan, Y.S., Desna, N.A., Nikolaichuk, Y.V., Kotlyarov, E.I. Coke and Chemistry 2018 0
77 Improving efficienty of image recognition process: Approach and case study Svyrydov, A., Kuchuk, H., Tsiapa, O. Proceedings of 2018 IEEE 9th International Conference on Dependable Systems, Services and Technologies, DESSERT 2018 2018 0
78 The research of the smart office availability model considering patches on the router firewall software Kharchenko, V., Kolisnyk, M., Piskachova, I. Proceedings of 2018 IEEE 9th International Conference on Dependable Systems, Services and Technologies, DESSERT 2018 2018 0
79 Non-iterative Rauscher method for 1-DOF system: a new approach to studying non-autonomous system via equivalent autonomous one Perepelkin, N.V. Nonlinear Dynamics 2018 0
80 Nonlinear vibration analysis of laminated shallow shells with clamped cutouts by the R-functions method Kurpa, L., Timchenko, G., Osetrov, A., Shmatko, T. Nonlinear Dynamics 2018 0
81 Technological Aspects of the Production of Optically Transparent Glass Ceramic Materials Based on Lithium-Silicate Glasses Savvova, O.V., Bragina, L.L., Petrov, D.V., Topchii, V.L., Ryabinin, S.A. Glass and Ceramics (English translation of Steklo i Keramika) 2018 0
82 Electrodeposition and properties of binary and ternary cobalt alloys with molybdenum and tungsten Yar-Mukhamedova, G., Ved, M., Sakhnenko, N., Nenastina, T. Applied Surface Science 2018 5
83 R-functions theory applied to investigation of nonlinear free vibrations of functionally graded shallow shells Shmatko, T., Bhaskar, A. Nonlinear Dynamics 2018 0
84 Preface Mikhlin, Y.V., Pellicano, F., Gendelman, O.V. Nonlinear Dynamics 2018 0
85 On the Coexistence of Chemically Similar Stable and Metastable Phases in the BeO–MgO–Al2O3–SiO2 System Mikhailov, M.A., Mamontova, S.G., Zelentcov, S.Z., Demina, T.V., Belozerova, O.Y., Bogdanova, L.A. Journal of Surface Investigation 2018 0
86 Effect of Doping Metals on the Structure of PEO Coatings on Titanium Sakhnenko, N.D., Ved, M.V., Karakurkchi, A.V. International Journal of Chemical Engineering 2018 0
87 Morphology and kinetics of crystals growth in amorphous films of Cr2O3, deposited by laser ablation Bagmut, A. Journal of Crystal Growth 2018 1
88 Research on the improvement of mixed titania and Co(Mn) oxide nano-composite coatings Yar-Mukhamedova, G., Ved, M., Karakurkchi, A., Sakhnenko, N., Atchibayev, R. IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 2018 0
89 Software algorithm synthesis for diesel electronic control unit Prohorenko, A., Dumenko, P. Latvian Journal of Physics and Technical Sciences 2018 0
90 A study of erythrocyte membranes in carrageenaninduced gastroenterocolitis by method of fluorescent probes Tkachenko, A.S., Marakushyn, D.I., Rezunenko, Y.K., Onishchenko, A.I., Nakonechna, O.A., Posokhov, Y.O. Human and Veterinary Medicine 2018 0
91 Free vibration analysis of functionally graded beams with non-uniform cross-section using the differential transform method Ghazaryan, D., Burlayenko, V.N., Avetisyan, A., Bhaskar, A. Journal of Engineering Mathematics 2018 1
92 Study of Creep and Damage for a Hollow Cylinder on the Basis of Space and Refined Shell Models Galishin, A.Z., Zolochevsky, A.A., Sklepus, S.M. Journal of Mathematical Sciences (United States) 2018 0
93 Ignition Temperature of Coal. 4. Influence of the Heating Rate and Degree of Oxidation Miroshnichenko, D.V., Kramarenko, V.Y., Shulga, I.V., Kaftan, Y.S., Desna, N.A., Nikolaichuk, Y.V. Coke and Chemistry 2018 0
94 Effect of hydrodynamic parameters on the oxidative desulphurisation of low rank coal Pyshyev, S., Prysiazhnyi, Y., Shved, M., Kułażyński, M., Miroshnichenko, D. International Journal of Coal Science and Technology 2018 0
95 Structural and crystal-chemical characteristics of the apatite deposits from human aortic walls Danilchenko, S.N., Kalinkevich, A.N., Moskalenko, R.A., Kuznetsov, V.N., Kochenko, A.V., Husak, E.V., Starikov, V.V., Fuyan, L.I.U., Meng, J., Jinjun, L.Ü. Interventional Medicine and Applied Science 2018 0
96 Composition and corrosion behavior of iron-cobalt-tungsten Ved’, M., Sakhnenko, N., Yermolenko, I., Yar-Mukhamedova, G., Atchibayev, R. Eurasian Chemico-Technological Journal 2018 0
97 Nonbolometric bottleneck in electron-phonon relaxation in ultrathin WSi films Sidorova, M.V., Kozorezov, A.G., Semenov, A.V., Korneeva, Y.P., Mikhailov, M.Y., Devizenko, A.Y., Korneev, A.A., Chulkova, G.M., Goltsman, G.N. Physical Review B 2018 2
98 Structure and Mechanical Properties of TiAlSiY Vacuum-Arc Coatings Deposited in Nitrogen Atmosphere Beresnev, V.M., Sobol, O.V., Pogrebnjak, A.D., Lytovchenko, S.V., Klimenko, S.A., Stolbovoy, V.A., Srebniuk, P.A., Manokhin, A.S., Kovaleva, M.G., Novikov, V.Y., Meilekhov, A.A., Nyemchenko, U.S., Barmin, A.E., Turbin, P.V. Inorganic Materials: Applied Research 2018 1
99 Electron spectra of graphene with local and extended defects Eremenko, V.V., Sirenko, V.A., Gospodarev, I.A., Syrkin, E.S., Feodosyev, S.B., Bondar, I.S., Minakova, K.A., Feher, A. Journal of Physics: Conference Series 2018 2
100 Development of the disable software reporting system on the basis of the neural network Gavrylenko, S., Babenko, O., Ignatova, E. Journal of Physics: Conference Series 2018 0

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