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Temperature-Abnormal Diffusivity in underdamped spatially periodic systems Marchenko I.G., Marchenko I.I., Tkachenko V.I. JETP Letters 2017 0
Charge carrier mobility in semiconductor solid solutions and percolation phenomena Rogacheva E., Nashchekina O., Martynova E. Journal of Physics: Conference Series 2017 0
Heat capacity and microhardness of the topological crystalline insulator Pb1-xSnxTe near the band inversion composition Rogacheva E., Nashchekina O., Nikolaenko A., Menshov Y. Journal of Physics: Conference Series 2017 0
Evaluation of the characteristics of diamond grinding wheels at their production and operation stages Kundrák J., Mamalis A.G., Fedorovich V., Pyzhov I., Kryukova N. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 2017 0
Multiservice network security metric Mozhaev O., Kuchuk H., Kuchuk N., Mykhailo M., Lohvynenko M. 2nd International Conference on Advanced Information and Communication Technologies, AICT 2017 - Proceedings 2017 0
The model of dual channel network node with shared memory Pustovoitov P., Sokol G. 2nd International Conference on Advanced Information and Communication Technologies, AICT 2017 - Proceedings 2017 0
Dynamic analysis of the mechanical seals of the rotor of the labyrinth screw pump Lebedev A.Y., Andrenko P.M., Grigoriev A.L. IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 2017 0
A Conspectus of Nonlinear Mechanics: A Tribute to the Oeuvres of Professors G. Rega and F. Vestroni Amabili M., Lenci S., Mikhlin Y., Spanos P. International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics 2017 0
Kinetic solvation and electrical conductance of proton in infinitely diluted solutions of hydrogen halides in primary alcohols and in water: influence of temperature and solvent Bulavin V.I., V'yunnik I.N., Kramarenko A.V. Journal of Molecular Liquids 2017 0
Interaction of free and forced nonlinear normal modes in two-DOF dissipative systems under resonance conditions Plaksiy K.Y., Mikhlin Y.V. International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics 2017 0
Control of single-mode operation in a circular waveguide filled by a longitudinally magnetized gyroelectromagnetic medium Fesenko V.I., Tuz V.R., Fedorin I.V., Sun H.-B., Shulga V.M., Han W. Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications 2017 0
Negative Longitudinal Magnetoresistance from the Anomalous N=0 Landau Level in Topological Materials Assaf B.A., Phuphachong T., Kampert E., Volobuev V.V., Mandal P.S., Sánchez-Barriga J., Rader O., Bauer G., Springholz G., De Vaulchier L.A., Guldner Y. Physical Review Letters 2017 1
Building the adaptive project groups in the vertically integrated industries within the quality management system Maneva R.I., Kravets O.J., Keneshbayev B., Zhaxybayeva A. Quality - Access to Success 2017 0
Improvement of torque and power characteristics of V-type diesel engine applying new design of Variable geometry turbocharger (VGT) Samoilenko D., Marchenko A., Cho H.M. Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology 2017 0
Non-iterative Rauscher method for 1-DOF system: a new approach to studying non-autonomous system via equivalent autonomous one Perepelkin N.V. Nonlinear Dynamics 2017 0
Feasibility of Shell Models for Determining Stress–Strain State and Creep Damage of Cylindrical Shells Galishin A.Z., Zolochevskii A.A., Sklepus S.N. International Applied Mechanics 2017 0
The method of variant synthesis of information and communication network structures on the basis of the graph and set-theoretical models Mukhin V., Romanenkov Y., Bilokin J., Rohovyi A., Kharazii A., Kosenko V., Kosenko N., Su J. International Journal of Intelligent Systems and Applications 2017 0
Bi-hyperbolic isofrequency surface in a magnetic-semiconductor superlattice Tuz V.R., Fedorin I.V., Fesenko V.I. Optics Letters 2017 0
Ceramic cutting tools out of nanostructured refractory compounds Gevorkyan E., Lavrynenko S., Rucki M., Siemiatkowski Z., Kislitsa M. International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials 2017 0
Nucleation and formation of Au-catalyzed ZnTe nanowires on (0 0 1) GaAs by MBE: From planar to out-of-plane growth Volobuev V.V., Groiss H., Halilovic A., Steiner H., Khiar A., Hesser G., Springholz G. Journal of Crystal Growth 2017 0
Ternary cobalt-molybdenum-zirconium coatings for alternative energies Yar-Mukhamedova G., Ved M., Sakhnenko N., Koziar M. Applied Surface Science 2017 0
Free vibration analysis of functionally graded beams with non-uniform cross-section using the differential transform method Ghazaryan D., Burlayenko V.N., Avetisyan A., Bhaskar A. Journal of Engineering Mathematics 2017 0
Differential Pulsed Conductometer for Measurements of the Conductivity of Biological Cells Shigimaga V.A. Measurement Techniques 2017 0
R-functions theory applied to investigation of nonlinear free vibrations of functionally graded shallow shells Shmatko T., Bhaskar A. Nonlinear Dynamics 2017 0
Numerical Prediction of the Parameters of a Yield Criterion for Fibrous Composites Małachowski E., L’vov G., Daryazadeh S. Mechanics of Composite Materials 2017 0

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