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76 Photoelectric processes in thin-film solar cells based on CdS/CdTe with organic back contact Deyneko, N., Khrypunov, G., Semkiv, O. Journal of Nano- and Electronic Physics 2018 0
77 Structural transformation in Zr/Mg multilayer on si substrate after annealing Konotopsky, L.E., Kopilets, I.A., Kosmachev, S.M., Kondratenko, V.V. Problems of Atomic Science and Technology 2018 0
78 Geometrical modeling of the shape of a multilink rod structure in weightlessness under the influence of pulses on the end points of its links Kutsenko, L., Semkiv, O., Zapolskiy, L., Shoman, O., Ismailova, N., Vasyliev, S., Adashevska, I., Danylenko, V., Pobidash, A. EasternEuropean Journal of Enterprise Technologies 2018 0
79 Generator of high-voltage nanosecond pulses with repetition rate more than 2000 pulses per second for water purification by the discharges in gas bubbles Boyko, N.I., Makogon, A.V. Technical Electrodynamics 2018 0
80 Approximationof exact massive solenoid profile for generatingpulsed magnetic field Mikhailov, V.M., Petrenko, M.P. Technical Electrodynamics 2018 0
81 Influence of coal properties on the gross calorific value and maximum moisture content Balaevaa, Y.S., Kaftana, Y.S., Miroshnichenko, D.V., Kotlyarov, E.I. Coke and Chemistry 2018 0
82 Modeling of electromagnetic - Acoustic conversion when excited torsional waves Plesnetsov, S.Y., Petrishchev, O.N., Migushchenko, R.P., Suchkov, G.M. Technical Electrodynamics 2018 0
83 Providing Reliability of Sliding Bearings for Gearwheels of High-Loaded Transport Vehicles Power Transmissions during Operation Savchuk, V., Bulgakov, N., Kuhtov, V., Simahin, A., Gritsuk, I.V., Bilousov, I., Mateichyk, V., Grascht, R. SAE Technical Papers 2018 0
84 The analysis of a structural state of surface layer after electroerosive alloying. I. Features of formation of electroerosive coatings on steel 45 Tarelnyk, V.B., Gaponova, O.P., Konoplianchenko, I.V., Herasymenko, V.A., Evtushenko, N.S. Metallofizika i Noveishie Tekhnologii 2018 0
85 Growth and structure of WC/SI multilayer X-ray mirror Pershyn, Y.P., Chumak, V.S., Shypkova, I.G., Mamon, V.V., Devizenko, A.Y., Kondratenko, V.V., Reshetnyak, M.V., Zubarev, E.N. Problems of Atomic Science and Technology 2018 0
86 Spectral characterisation of aperiodic normal-incidence Sb/B4C multilayer mirrors for the λ < 124 Å range Vishnyakov, E.A., Kopylets, I.A., Kondratenko, V.V., Kolesnikov, A.O., Pirozhkov, A.S., Ragozin, E.N., Shatokhin, A.N. Quantum Electronics 2018 0
87 Oxidation Resistance of Nano-Reinforced PC-Refractories Modified with Phenol Formaldehyde Resin. Part 5. Optimization of Filler Grain Size Composition by Means of a Simplex-Lattice Planning Method Using Complex Modification of Charge Components1 Borisenko, O.N., Semchenko, G.D., Povshuk, V.V., Vasyuk, P.A. Refractories and Industrial Ceramics 2018 0
88 Two-time-scales and time-averaging approaches for the analysis of cyclic creep based on Armstrong–Frederick type constitutive model Altenbach, H., Breslavsky, D., Naumenko, K., Tatarinova, O. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part C: Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science 2018 0
89 Development of the algorithm for aircraft control at inaccurate measurement of the state vector and variable accuracy parameter Khatsko, N., Makogon, H., Isakov, O., Krepchenko, S., Cherepnov, I., Kiriyenko, N., Zadorozhnya, V., Polyansky, A. EasternEuropean Journal of Enterprise Technologies 2018 0
90 Modeling of the functioning of territorial systems with the purpose of identification of problem situations Lisitskiy, V., Gernet, N. EasternEuropean Journal of Enterprise Technologies 2018 0
91 N-derivatives of formaldimine: Interrelation between the donor-acceptor intramolecular interactions and electronic parameters of atoms Chertihina, Y.A., Kutsik-Savchenko, N.V., Tsyigankov, A.V., Prosyanik, A.V. Voprosy Khimii i Khimicheskoi Tekhnologii 2018 0
92 Identification of heat exchange process in the evaporators of absorption refrigerating units under conditions of uncertainty Babichenko, A., Babichenko, J., Kravchenko, Y., Velma, S., Krasnikov, I., Lysachenko, I. EasternEuropean Journal of Enterprise Technologies 2018 0
93 Erratum to: Numerical Prediction of the Parameters of a Yield Criterion for Fibrous Composites (Mechanics of Composite Materials, (2017), 53, 5, (589-600), 10.1007/s11029-017-9689-1) Malachowski, E., L’vov, G., Daryazadeh, S. Mechanics of Composite Materials 2018 0
94 Influence of the thermal factor on the composition of electronbeam highentropy ALTiVCrNbMo coatings Sobol, O., Barmin, A., Hryhorieva, S., Gorban, V., Vuets, A., Subbotin, A. EasternEuropean Journal of Enterprise Technologies 2018 0
95 The system of automated formation of Electrical Machines computational models for the FEMM software environment Milykh, V.I. Technical Electrodynamics 2018 0
96 Research of formation of apatite-like layer on the surface of glass-ceramic coatings for dental implants Savvova, O.V., Fesenko, O.I., Babich, O.V. Functional Materials 2018 0
97 Contact Displacement of Copper at Copper Plating of Carbon Steel Parts Maizelis, A.A., Bairachnyi, B.I., Tul’skii, G.G. Surface Engineering and Applied Electrochemistry 2018 0
98 Development of graphicanalytical models for the software security testing algorithm Semenov, S., Sira, O., Kuchuk, N. EasternEuropean Journal of Enterprise Technologies 2018 0
99 Numerical simulation of two-dimensional problems of creep crack growth with material damage consideration Breslavsky, D., Kozlyuk, A., Tatarinova, O. EasternEuropean Journal of Enterprise Technologies 2018 0
100 Determination the electrical potential of a created grounding device in a three-layer ground Koliushko, D.G., Rudenko, S.S. Technical Electrodynamics 2018 0

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