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Electrodynamic properties of a hypercrystal with ferrite and semiconductor layers in an external magnetic field Fedorin, I.V. Superlattices and Microstructures 2018 0
The informativeness of quality indicators of compressor lubricating oils Grigorov, A.B., Bogoyavlenskaya, E.V. Voprosy Khimii i Khimicheskoi Tekhnologii 2018 0
Amplitude-time characteristics of switching in thin films of cadmium telluride Khrypunov, M.G., Zaitsev, R.V., Kudii, D.A., Khrypunova, A.L. Journal of Nano- and Electronic Physics 2018 0
Calculation of electric field distribution in the vicinity of power transmission lines with towers and unmanned aerial vehicles presence Rezinkina, M.M., Sokol, E.I., Gryb, O.G., Bortnikov, A.V., Lytvynenko, S.A. Technical Electrodynamics 2018 0
Structural transformation in Zr/Mg multilayer on si substrate after annealing Konotopsky, L.E., Kopilets, I.A., Kosmachev, S.M., Kondratenko, V.V. Problems of Atomic Science and Technology 2018 0
Numerically-field analysis of the adequacy of the design data of three-phase induction motors and the method of their refinement on this basis Milykh, V.I. Technical Electrodynamics 2018 1
Development of method and algorithm of dynamic gyrocompassing for high-speed systems of navigation and control of movement Uspenskyi, V., Bagmut, I., Nekrasova, M. EasternEuropean Journal of Enterprise Technologies 2018 0
Computer simulation of the process of regenerating the adsorbent using microwave radiation in compressed air dryers Dobrotvorskiy, S.S., Dobrovolska, L.G., Aleksenko, B.A. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering 2018 0
Thermoelectric properties of cold pressed samples of semiconductor (Bi1-xSbx)2Te3solid solutions Martynova, K.V., Rogacheva, E.I. Functional Materials 2018 0
The Effect of Pigment Volume Concentration on Film Formation and the Mechanical Properties of Coatings Based on Water-Dispersion Paint and Varnish Materials Kasyanenko, I.M., Kramarenko, V.Y. Mechanics of Composite Materials 2018 0
Numerical-field analysis of temporal functions and harmonic composition of EMF in windings of a three-phase asynchronous motor Milykh, V.I. Technical Electrodynamics 2018 0
Conditions of Attaining a Superhard State at a Critical Thickness of Nanolayers in Multiperiodic Vacuum-Arc Plasma Deposited Nitride Coatings Sobol’, O.V., Meilekhov, A.A. Technical Physics Letters 2018 0
Approximationof exact massive solenoid profile for generatingpulsed magnetic field Mikhailov, V.M., Petrenko, M.P. Technical Electrodynamics 2018 0
Structure and properties of welded joints in large thick-wall structures made of 25L steel welded without preheating Efimenko, N.G., Bartash, S.N., Artemova, S.V. Welding International 2018 0
Enhanced diffusion with abnormal temperature dependence in underdamped space-periodic systems subject to time-periodic driving Marchenko, I.G., Marchenko, I.I., Zhiglo, A.V. Physical Review E 2018 0
Probing the energy reactance with adiabatically driven quantum dots Ludovico, M.F., Arrachea, L., Moskalets, M., Sánchez, D. Physical Review B 2018 0
Nanocrystalline SiC film thermistors for cryogenic applications Mitin, V.F., Kholevchuk, V.V., Semenov, A.V., Kozlovskii, A.A., Boltovets, N.S., Krivutsa, V.A., Slepova, A.S., Novitskii, S.V. Review of Scientific Instruments 2018 0
Optical properties of a microcavity based on a nanocrystalline SiC film Semenov, A., Lopin, A., Skorik, S. Applied Physics A: Materials Science and Processing 2018 0
Determination of coal ash content by the combined x-ray fluorescence and scattering spectrum Mikhailov, I.F., Baturin, A.A., Mikhailov, A.I., Borisova, S.S., Fomina, L.P. Review of Scientific Instruments 2018 0
Materials surface damage and modification under high power plasma exposures Garkusha, I., Makhlaj, V., Byrka, O., Taran, V., Voitsenya, V., Malykhin, S., Herashchenko, S., Surovitskiy, S., Nowakowska-Langier, K., Sadowski, M.J., Skladnik-Sadowska, E., Terentyev, D. Journal of Physics: Conference Series 2018 0
The impact of the threshold indication system on Ukraine's gross public and corporate debts Posokhov, I., Herashchenko, I., Gliznutsa, M. Economic Annals-XXI 2018 0
Topological Engineering of Interfacial Optical Tamm States for Highly Sensitive Near-Singular-Phase Optical Detection Tsurimaki, Y., Tong, J.K., Boriskin, V.N., Semenov, A., Ayzatsky, M.I., MacHekhin, Y.P., Chen, G., Boriskina, S.V. ACS Photonics 2018 0
Phonon interference control of atomic-scale metamirrors, meta-absorbers, and heat transfer through crystal interfaces Kosevich, Y.A., Potyomina, L.G., Darinskii, A.N., Strelnikov, I.A. Physical Review B 2018 0
Metal oxide heterojunction (NiO/ZnO) prepared by low temperature solution growth for UV-photodetector and semi-transparent solar cell Klochko, N.P., Kopach, V.R., Tyukhov, I.I., Zhadan, D.O., Klepikova, K.S., Khrypunov, G.S., Petrushenko, S.I., Lyubov, V.M., Kirichenko, M.V., Dukarov, S.V., Khrypunova, A.L. Solar Energy 2018 0
Location of fluorescent probes (2′-hydroxy derivatives of 2,5-diaryl-1,3-oxazole) in lipid membrane studied by fluorescence spectroscopy and molecular dynamics simulation Posokhov, Y., Kyrychenko, A. Biophysical Chemistry 2018 0

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