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Multipath routing model of multicast flows in telecommunication networks Mersni A., Ilyashenko A., Ahmed R.H. 2017 4th International Scientific-Practical Conference Problems of Infocommunications Science and Technology, PIC S and T 2017 - Proceedings 2018 0
Enhanced diffusion with abnormal temperature dependence in underdamped space-periodic systems subject to time-periodic driving Marchenko I.G., Marchenko I.I., Zhiglo A.V. Physical Review E 2018 0
Probing the energy reactance with adiabatically driven quantum dots Ludovico M.F., Arrachea L., Moskalets M., Sánchez D. Physical Review B 2018 0
Nanocrystalline SiC film thermistors for cryogenic applications Mitin V.F., Kholevchuk V.V., Semenov A.V., Kozlovskii A.A., Boltovets N.S., Krivutsa V.A., Slepova A.S., Novitskii S.V. Review of Scientific Instruments 2018 0
Sorption of hydrogen by silica aerogel at low-temperatures Dolbin A.V., Khlistyuck M.V., Esel'Son V.B., Gavrilko V.G., Vinnikov N.A., Basnukaeva R.M., Martsenuk V.E., Veselova N.V., Kaliuzhnyi I.A., Storozhko A.V. Low Temperature Physics 2018 0
Optical properties of a microcavity based on a nanocrystalline SiC film Semenov A., Lopin A., Skorik S. Applied Physics A: Materials Science and Processing 2018 0
Linear and nonlinear dynamic analyses of sandwich panels with face sheet-to-core debonding Burlayenko V.N., Sadowski T. Shock and Vibration 2018 0
Determination of coal ash content by the combined x-ray fluorescence and scattering spectrum Mikhailov I.F., Baturin A.A., Mikhailov A.I., Borisova S.S., Fomina L.P. Review of Scientific Instruments 2018 0
Materials surface damage and modification under high power plasma exposures Garkusha I., Makhlaj V., Byrka O., Taran V., Voitsenya V., Malykhin S., Herashchenko S., Surovitskiy S., Nowakowska-Langier K., Sadowski M.J., Skladnik-Sadowska E., Terentyev D. Journal of Physics: Conference Series 2018 0
Formation of Superhard State of the TiZrHfNbTaYN Vacuum–Arc High-Entropy Coating Beresnev V.M., Sobol’ O.V., Andreev A.A., Gorban’ V.F., Klimenko S.A., Litovchenko S.V., Kovteba D.V., Meilekhov A.A., Postel’nik A.A., Nemchenko U.S., Novikov V.Y., Maziilin B.A. Journal of Superhard Materials 2018 0
The impact of the threshold indication system on Ukraine's gross public and corporate debts Posokhov I., Herashchenko I., Gliznutsa M. Economic Annals-XXI 2018 0
Topological Engineering of Interfacial Optical Tamm States for Highly Sensitive Near-Singular-Phase Optical Detection Tsurimaki Y., Tong J.K., Boriskin V.N., Semenov A., Ayzatsky M.I., MacHekhin Y.P., Chen G., Boriskina S.V. ACS Photonics 2018 0
Phonon interference control of atomic-scale metamirrors, meta-absorbers, and heat transfer through crystal interfaces Kosevich Y.A., Potyomina L.G., Darinskii A.N., Strelnikov I.A. Physical Review B 2018 0
Periodic, quasi-periodic, and chaotic geometrically nonlinear forced vibrations of a shallow cantilever shell Avramov K.V., Malyshev S.E. Acta Mechanica 2018 0
Metal oxide heterojunction (NiO/ZnO) prepared by low temperature solution growth for UV-photodetector and semi-transparent solar cell Klochko N.P., Kopach V.R., Tyukhov I.I., Zhadan D.O., Klepikova K.S., Khrypunov G.S., Petrushenko S.I., Lyubov V.M., Kirichenko M.V., Dukarov S.V., Khrypunova A.L. Solar Energy 2018 0
Location of fluorescent probes (2′-hydroxy derivatives of 2,5-diaryl-1,3-oxazole) in lipid membrane studied by fluorescence spectroscopy and molecular dynamics simulation Posokhov Y., Kyrychenko A. Biophysical Chemistry 2018 0
Higherature fusion of a multielectron leviton Moskalets M. Physical Review B 2018 0
Development of the disable software reporting system on the basis of the neural network Gavrylenko S., Babenko O., Ignatova E. Journal of Physics: Conference Series 2018 0
Electron spectra of graphene with local and extended defects Eremenko V.V., Sirenko V.A., Gospodarev I.A., Syrkin E.S., Feodosyev S.B., Bondar I.S., Minakova K.A., Feher A. Journal of Physics: Conference Series 2018 0
Electrothermal Action of the Pulse of the Current of a Short Artificial-Lightning Stroke on Test Specimens of Wires and Cables of Electric Power Objects Baranov M.I., Rudakov S.V. Journal of Engineering Physics and Thermophysics 2018 0
Study of Creep and Damage for a Hollow Cylinder on the Basis of Space and Refined Shell Models Galishin A.Z., Zolochevsky A.A., Sklepus S.M. Journal of Mathematical Sciences (United States) 2018 0
Preface Mikhlin Y.V., Pellicano F., Gendelman O.V. Nonlinear Dynamics 2018 0
Free vibration analysis of functionally graded beams with non-uniform cross-section using the differential transform method Ghazaryan D., Burlayenko V.N., Avetisyan A., Bhaskar A. Journal of Engineering Mathematics 2018 0
Electrodeposition and properties of binary and ternary cobalt alloys with molybdenum and tungsten Yar-Mukhamedova G., Ved M., Sakhnenko N., Nenastina T. Applied Surface Science 2018 0
Trinity on thin ice: Integrating three perspectives on the European Union's likelihood of achieving energy and climate targets Biresselioglu M.E., Demir M.H., Turan U. Energy Research and Social Science 2018 0

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