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1 Decomposition Method for Synthesizing the Computer System Architecture Mukhin, V., Kuchuk, N., Kosenko, N., Artiukh, R., Yelizyeva, A., Maleyeva, O., Kuchuk, H., Kosenko, V. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing 2020 0
2 Gas sensing properties of nanocrystalline silicon carbide films Semenov, A., Kozlovskyi, A., Skorik, S., Lubov, D. Micro and Nano Systems Letters 2019 0
3 Multilayer Nickel-Copper Anode for Direct Glucose Fuel Cell Maizelis, A. Journal of Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage 2019 1
4 Thickness-dependent quantum oscillations of the transport properties in bismuth selenide thin films Rogacheva, E.I., Menshikova, S.I., Sipatov, A.Y., Nashchekina, O.N. Thin Solid Films 2019 0
5 Semi-transparent copper iodide thin films on flexible substrates as p-type thermolegs for a wearable thermoelectric generator Klochko, N.P., Zhadan, D.O., Klepikova, K.S., Petrushenko, S.I., Kopach, V.R., Khrypunov, G.S., Lyubov, V.M., Dukarov, S.V., Khrypunova, A.L. Thin Solid Films 2019 0
6 Kinetics of autoepitaxial crystal growth in amorphous films of Cr 2 O 3 Bagmut, A.G., Bagmut, I.A. Journal of Crystal Growth 2019 0
7 The assessment of radiation hazardous areas considering the spectral analysis of the neutron component of a tactical neutron bomb detonation Cherniavskiy, I.Y., Vinnikov, V.A. Applied Radiation and Isotopes 2019 0
8 Improving the effectiveness of combined grinding processes for processing superhard materials Kundrák, J., Fedorovich, V., Pyzhov, I., Markopoulos, A.P. Journal of Manufacturing Processes 2019 0
9 Bifurcations and chaotic forced vibrations of cantilever beams with breathing cracks Avramov, K., Malyshev, S. Engineering Fracture Mechanics 2019 0
10 A Survey of Informetric Methods and Technologies Hlavcheva, Y.M., Kanishcheva, O.V., Borysova, N.V. Cybernetics and Systems Analysis 2019 0
11 Development of semi-transparent ZnO/FTO solar thermoelectric nanogenerator for energy efficient glazing Klochko, N.P., Klepikova, K.S., Kopach, V.R., Tyukhov, I.I., Starikov, V.V., Sofronov, D.S., Khrypunova, I.V., Zhadan, D.O., Petrushenko, S.I., Dukarov, S.V., Lyubov, V.M., Kirichenko, M.V., Khrypunova, A.L. Solar Energy 2019 0
12 Accounting for local thermal and hydraulic parameters of water fouling development in plate heat exchanger Kapustenko, P.O., Klemeš, J.J., Matsegora, O.I., Arsenyev, P.Y., Arsenyeva, O.P. Energy 2019 0
13 Extraction of radionuclides of cerium, europium, cobalt and strontium with Mn 3 O 4 , MnO 2 , and MNOOH sorbents Sofronov, D., Krasnopyorova, A., Efimova, N., Oreshina, А., Bryleva, E., Yuhno, G., Lavrynenko, S., Rucki, M. Process Safety and Environmental Protection 2019 0
14 Nanostructured magnetic films based on iron with refractory metals Yermolenko, I.Y., Ved', M.V., Sakhnenko, N.D., Shipkova, I.G., Zyubanova, S.I. Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 2019 0
15 Formation and Study of Static and Dynamic Characteristics of Electronically Controlled Diesel Engine Dumenko, P., Kravchenko, S., Prokhorenko, A., Talanin, D. Latvian Journal of Physics and Technical Sciences 2019 0
16 The reform of the higher education of Ukraine in the conditions of the military-political crisis Shevchenko, V.V. International Journal of Educational Development 2019 1
17 Lignite oxidative desulphurization: notice 3—process technological aspects and application of products Gunka, V., Shved, M., Prysiazhnyi, Y., Pyshyev, S., Miroshnichenko, D. International Journal of Coal Science and Technology 2019 0
18 Two-time-scales and time-averaging approaches for the analysis of cyclic creep based on Armstrong–Frederick type constitutive model Altenbach, H., Breslavsky, D., Naumenko, K., Tatarinova, O. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part C: Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science 2019 1
19 Physical processes in polymeric filters used for dialysis Voinova, M., Repin, N., Sokol, E., Tkachuk, B., Gorelik, L. Polymers 2019 0
20 Absorption–desorption of carbon dioxide in carbon honeycombs at elevated temperatures Krainyukova, N.V., Bogdanov, Y., Kuchta, B. Fizika Nizkikh Temperatur 2019 0
21 Absorption-desorption of carbon dioxide in carbon honeycombs at elevated temperatures Krainyukova, N.V., Bogdanov, Y., Kuchta, B. Low Temperature Physics 2019 0
22 The role of surface energy anisotropy in the formation of a stepped relief of polycrystalline W under sputtering with Ar ions Savchenko, A.A., Belyaeva, A.I., Galuza, A.A., Kolenov, I.V. Journal of Applied Physics 2019 0
23 Thin film hydrogen storages Guglya, A., Lyubchenko, E. Handbook of Ecomaterials 2019 0
24 Effect of sequential steady-state and pulsed hydrogen plasma loads on structure of textured tungsten samples Herashchenko, S.S., Girka, O.I., Surovitskiy, S.V., Makhlai, V.A., Malykhin, S.V., Myroshnyk, M.O., Bizyukov, I.O., Aksenov, N.N., Borisova, S.S., Bizyukov, O.A., Garkusha, I.E. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms 2019 0
25 Practical Application of the Graphic Processing Unit for Data Encryption on the UAV On-Board Computer Zuev, A., Karaman, D. 2018 International Scientific-Practical Conference on Problems of Infocommunications Science and Technology, PIC S and T 2018 - Proceedings 2019 0

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