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n-ZnO/p-CuI barrier heterostructure based on zinc-oxide nanoarrays formed by pulsed electrodeposition and SILAR copper-iodide films Klochko, N.P.,Kopach, V.P.,Khrypunov, G.S.,(...),Zhadan, D.O.,Otchenashko, A.N. Semiconductors 2017 0
Singleparticle emission at finite temperatures� Moskalets, M. Fizika Nizkikh Temperatur 2017 0
Reduction of interface mixing in Sc/Si multilayer X-ray mirrors Pershyn, Y.P.,Yu. Devizenko, A.,Kondratenko, V.V.,Voronov, D.L.,Gullikson, E.M. Journal of Nano- and Electronic Physics 2017 0
Flexible solar cells are based on underlying layers of cdte obtained by magnetron sputtering Khrypunov, G.S.,Kopach, G.I.,Zaitsev, R.V.,Dobrozhan, A.I.,Harchenko, M.M. Journal of Nano- and Electronic Physics 2017 0
The cadmium telluride thin films for flexible solar cell received by magnetron dispersion method Zaitsev, R.V.,Khrypunov, G.S.,Veselova, N.V.,(...),Kharchenko, M.M.,Zaitseva, L.V. Journal of Nano- and Electronic Physics 2017 0
Structure evolution of tungsten coatings exposed to plasma flows under iter ELM relevant conditions Malykhin, S.V., Surovitskiy, S.V., Makhlaj, V.A., (...), Herashchenko, S.S., Reshetnyak, V.V. Problems of Atomic Science and Technology 2017 0
Finding the probability distribution of states in the fuzzy markov systems Raskin, L.,Sira, O.,Katkova, T. EasternEuropean Journal of Enterprise Technologies 2017 0
Calculation of throughputs of intermediate centers in three-index transportation problems�� Raskin, L.,Sira, O.,Karpenko, V. EasternEuropean Journal of Enterprise Technologies 2017 0
A ballistic laser gravimeter for a symmetrical measurement method with the inductive-dynamic catapult and auto-seismic vibration preventing Bolyukh, V.,Omelchenko, A.,Vinnichenko, A. 4th IAG Symposium on Terrestrial Gravimetry: Static and Mobile Measurements, TG-SMM 2016 - Proceedings 2016 1
A new numerical procedure for determination of effective elastic constants in unidirectional composite plates Daryazadeh, S.,Lvov Gennadiy, L.,Tajdari, M. Journal of Solid Mechanics 2016 0
A model-based framework for adaptive resource management in mobile augmented reality system Tkachuk, M.,Vekshyn, O.,Gamzayev, R. CEUR Workshop Proceedings 2016 0
Alloying and modification of stainless steels by powerful plasma streams Makhlaj, V.A.,Aksenov, N.N.,Byrka, O.V.,(...),Sereda, K.N.,Surovitskiy, S.V.,Malykhin, S.V. Problems of Atomic Science and Technology 2016 0
Alkali-earth element aluminates and chromites cement bonded refractory castables Shabanova, G.N.,Korohodska, A.N. China's Refractories 2016 0
A study of synthesis and properties of manganese-containing oxide coatings on alloy VT1-0 Sakhnenko, N.,Ved, M.,Karakurkchi, A.,Galak, A. EasternEuropean Journal of Enterprise Technologies 2016 0
Application of nanostructured silver film in multilayer contact system of Ti/Mo/Ag silicon photoconverters Koval, V.M.,Ivashchuk, A.V.,Yakymenko, Y.,(...),Khrypunov, G.S.,Sokol, Y.I. Radioelectronics and Communications Systems 2016 0
Application of the project management methodology synthesis method with fuzzy input data Kononenko, I.,Aghaee, A.,Lutsenko, S. EasternEuropean Journal of Enterprise Technologies 2016 0
Appropriate integration of geothermal energy sources by Pinch approach: Case study of Croatia Barkaoui, A.-E.,Boldyryev, S.,Duic, N.,Krajacic, G.,Guzović, Z. Applied Energy 2016 0
Calculation of the operation parameters of the catalytic converters of the harmful gas impurities Ved, V.E.,Krasnokutskiy, E.V.,Satayev, M.I.,Ved, A.V.,Saipov, A.A. Chemical Engineering Transactions 2016 0
Carbon Honeycomb High Capacity Storage for Gaseous and Liquid Species Krainyukova, N.V.,Zubarev, E.N. Physical Review Letters 2016 14
Changes in the structure of the multilayer film Sb/B4C nanocomposition under heating up to 360°C Kopylets, I.A.,Zubarev, E.M.,Kondratenko, V.V.,Sevryukova, V.A. Metallofizika i Noveishie Tekhnologii 2016 0
Comparativeanalysis of linear pulse electromechanical converters electromagnetic and induction types Bolyukh, V.F.,Oleksenko, S.V.,Shchukin, I.S. Technical Electrodynamics 2016 1
Computational simulations of thermal shock cracking by the virtual crack closure technique in a functionally graded plate Burlayenko, V.N.,Altenbach, H.,Sadowski, T.,Dimitrova, S.D. Computational Materials Science 2016 10
Consideration of damage in the analysis of autofrettage of thick-walled pressure vessels Altenbach, H.,Lvov, G.I.,Naumenko, K.,Okorokov, V. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part C: Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science 2016 0
Corrosion of aluminum in contact with oxidized titanium and zirconium Shtefan, V.V.,Bairachnyi, B.I.,Lisachuk, G.V.,(...),Rud, R.O.,Voronina, O.V. Materials Science 2016 0
Cost effective heat exchangers network of total site heat integration Boldyryev, S.,Krajačić, G.,Duić, N. Chemical Engineering Transactions 2016 0

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